Welcome to our new website

You’re looking at our new website. It was designed and launched by Joe Raymond, an IT guy who lives in Norridgewock (joe@thatraymond.com) and works in IT by day and by night.
We believe the new site is a bit more user-friendly, especially when it comes to ordering. Why not test us on that by clicking on Our Products and going to the bottom of the page to order your farm-fresh or smoked Turkey for Thanksgiving or Christmas? You may also order any (or all) of the other items listed on that page.
We hope to update the site regularly with blogs, and we will continue to post the quarterly editions of The Turkey Times. And, we have brought up to date The Story of The Turkey Farm, which you can read by clicking on About Us.
We thank Kathy Allen of greenlightwebsites.com, who was our webmaster and host for more than 12 years. Kathy is in Biddeford and provided us a wonderful service. She and Joe are both musicians (drums, guitar) and bikers (she in reality, he in his dreams for now). Joe is a member of our church, so we played the local connection when we asked him to redo the website.