Read this before ordering

We have run into difficulty with the size of our birds for Thanksgiving.  We knew last month that the Turkeys were not eating at the usual pace, and we had our feed analyzed by a laboratory in Ithaca.  Turns out, our feed was not nutritious and was ground so fine that the Turkeys didn’t process what they ate.  Even before the lab results came in, we switched feed suppliers, and the birds began eating at a normal pace.  Eventually, most of them will grow to market weight.  But probably not in time for Thanksgiving.

Result:  For now, we cannot take reservations for Turkeys larger than 16 pounds.  We will dress some birds for processing on Monday (Nov. 11), and we can judge then whether some of the birds will get up to market weights by Thanksgiving.

In the meantime, if you must have a bird larger than 16 pounds, please wait until we update this blog on Monday night.  If we believe then that we’ll have more birds larger than 16 pounds, we will reserve them for customers first-come, first-served.  Or, you could order two smaller birds.  If you had wanted, say, a 22-pound Turkey, order two 10-12s.  Roast them side-by-side, and they will cook faster than would the 22-pounder, and they won’t take any more space in the oven.

For birds smaller than 16 pounds, whether you want one or two or a dozen, go to the Our Products page and scroll to the order form at the bottom.  Submit your order, and we will send a confirmation via return email.

We apologize for what has happened.  Thank you for bearing with us.