Going, going . . .

As of Nov. 11, we have taken reservations for 93 percent of the Turkeys available.  We have sold out in two size categories:  12-14 pounds and 30+ pounds.  We expect to be sold out in all sizes by the end of the week.

When we take our final reservation, we will begin a waiting list.  Last year, about 50 people on he waiting list got Turkeys as our wholesale customers didn’t all sell out their allotments.  But you can avoid the uncertainty of a waiting list by ordering now.

Go to Our Products and scroll to the bottom of the page.  Then, check the chart for size availability.  Order the available size that best fits your needs and send in the order.  We will confirm by email.  If you order in a size that is sold out, we will take your order for the next largest size available and confirm your order at that size.  Fewer than a dozen birds remain available in several sizes, so act now.