. . . gone. But there may still be hope.

We have taken reservations for all the Turkeys we have available for Thanksgiving.  But there are two ways you may still get one or more of our fine birds.

Here’s how it works.  We have allocated 483 birds to wholesale and 707 to retail.  The 707 are  spoken for, and we will know in a few days whether all of the 483 at wholesale have been taken.  When we checked with the wholesale accounts this week, about 47 percent had been reserved.  If some stores don’t sell their allocations, their birds come back to us, and we make them available to you.  For that, we keep a waiting list.  Starting at 12:01 a.m. on Thursday, Nov. 13, all orders that come in from the website or through email will be put on a waiting list.  Starting Wednesday, Nov. 19, stores will call in their numbers and we will start contacting, via email, the people on the waiting list.  In 2012, nearly 50 people on the waiting list got Turkeys.

If you don’t want to wait, you may order directly from one of the stores.  The pickup days will be different from those listed on our order form, and the price is almost certain to be different.  One store is sold out, but those that still had birds available this week were:  Eastern Maine, Natural Living Center, Bangor; A&B Naturals, Bar Harbor; John Edwards Market, Ellsworth; Central and Western Maine: Lakeside Orchards, Manchester; Farmers Gate, Wales; Good Food Store, Bethel; and, Southern Maine: Pine Tree Seafood & Produce, Scarborough; The Farm Stand, South Portland; Rosemont Market, Portland.

If you order from a store, be sure to specify you want our Turkey.  Some of these stores also sell warehouse Turkeys, and some sell from more than one Maine grower.

Thank you for seeking us out.  This is about our usual sellout day, two weeks before Thanksgiving, so if you miss out this year, try earlier next year.  And, we still have Turkeys available for Christmas 2014, farm-fresh or smoked.

Bob Neal, The Turkey Farm