Down to the wire (again)

We had thought we were sold out, then a store released 50 birds back to us that it couldn’t sell, and now we are nearing sellout again.  All birds smaller than 18 pounds are spoken for, with the exception of a few at 10-12 pounds.  The 18-20 category will sell out very shortly (like Saturday morning, Nov. 15).  We expect to have birds larger than 20 pounds for quite a while, though.

If you really have to have a bird between 12 and 15 pounds, consider ordering a half-bird.  When we cut a 24-pounder in half, you get a 12-pound Turkey.  It’s not the same, with the “ooh”s and :ahhh”s from your family and guests as the bird comes out of the oven, but the flavor, texture and moistness remain.

Or, just go for the big bird and plan to wrap the leftovers tightly and freeze them for some beautiful eating as winter settles over us.  The largest birds (24-30 pounds) will be available for quite a while, perhaps right up until Thanksgiving.  But the wee ones are gone.

Thanks for finding us, and we hope that we can still meet your needs for Thanksgiving.  By the way, we expect to have all sizes available again at Christmas, which is only 28 days after Thanksgiving.