If it starts with the digit 2, we’ve got it

Yes, we still have Turkeys available, but only from 20 through 29 pounds.

If you’re not feeding an army and don’t want to be eating leftovers come Christmas, you have a trio of options.  The first is to order a boneless breast roast (for white-meat eaters) and thighs or drumsticks (for dark-meat eaters).  This would yield the meat you want but far less of the waste that fills the compost the week after Thanksgiving.  We have breast roasts, farm-fresh of course, from 2 to 5 pounds.  Figure that one pound of breast roast (or thigh or drumstick) will feed two to three people for Thanksgiving dinner.  Breast roasts, boneless, are $6.95 lb.  Thighs, bone-in, are $5.70 and drumsticks are $2.25.

The second option is to order half a Turkey, We always have more than enough Turkeys in the range of 25-30 pounds, so we can cut them in half for you to get the poundage you want.  Roast the half Turkey cut side down.  Slide the stuffing under the half bird so the drippings will help moisten the stuffing.  To order, click on Our Products, scroll to the bottom of the page and submit your order.  You will receive an email confirmation.

Finally, some stores to which we wholesale still have Turkeys available.  The pickup times will differ from those on our order form, and the price will certainly differ.  Order directly from the store.  Those that still had birds when last we checked were:  Eastern Maine, Natural Living Center, Bangor; A&B Naturals, Bar Harbor; John Edwards Market, Ellsworth; Central and Western Maine: Lakeside Orchards, Manchester; Farmers Gate, Wales; Good Food Store, Bethel; and, Southern Maine: Pine Tree Seafood, Scarborough; The Farm Stand, South Portland.  Note that as it turns out, Rosemont Market in Portland will not have our birds.