The end is here

We are sold our and have no prospect of receiving enough cancellations to accommodate any more requests.  So, sorry to say, we cannot take more orders or waiting-list requests.  This is practically an annual event, and we suggest that you place your order earlier next time.  We start taking orders in August.

In the meantime, we have a few suggestions for this year.  First is to contact one of the stores to which we wholesale.  Those listed below still had birds when we contacted them this week.  Their pickup times and prices will differ from ours.  The stores: Eastern Maine, Natural Living Center, Bangor; A&B Naturals, Bar Harbor; John Edwards Market, Ellsworth; Central and Western Maine: Lakeside Orchards, Manchester; Farmers Gate, Wales; Good Food Store, Bethel; and, Southern Maine: Pine Tree Seafood, Scarborough; The Farm Stand, South Portland.

If you can’t find a nearby store that has our Turkeys still for sale, try these alternatives.  First for us to recommend is Tide Mill Farm in Edmunds.  Carly delSignore and Aaron Bell raise fine and organic Turkeys and have increased the size of their flock.  Or, in Southern Maine, try Serendipity Acres in Yarmouth, also organic.  It is possible also that Greaney’s Turkey Farm in Mercer and Mainely Poultry in Warren have birds.  Both of those growers raise birds indoors.  The Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association might have a master list, though it usually lists only organic growers and those who offer Community Supported Agriculture, as we do.  If you know of other growers who might have birds, contact them.

Good luck, and contact us earlier next time.  Thank you.