Order for Christmas

The chaos of Thanksgiving is behind us, and, as always, we have farm-fresh and smoked Turkeys  for Christmas.

We dressed more than 1,200 Turkeys at Thanksgiving, including all the large birds.  We are taking reservations for Christmas Turkeys between 12 and 16 pounds.  If you need more meat than a 16-pounder will yield, here are a couple of options.  Order two small Turkeys.  Two 12-pounders yield the meat of a 22-26 pounder.  Or, order one small Turkey and then order a breast roast and/or thighs.  Each 2-pound roast adds the meat of about four pounds of whole Turkeys, so a 14-pound Turkey plus a 2-pound roast equals an 18-pound Turkey.  Each thigh adds the meat of about two pounds of whole Turkey, so a 14-pound Turkey plus two thighs equals an 18-pound whole Turkey.

To order, click on Our Products above and scroll down to the order page.  Submit your order, and we will send an email confirmation after Dec. 14, when we return from vacation.  Christmas pickup at the farm is Dec. 22 and 23.  The Topsham and Portland pickups will be Dec. 23, the Bath pickup Dec. 20 and the Orono pickup Dec. 21.