Ready or not, time to order for Thanksgiving and Christmas

We are taking order for farm-fresh Turkeys for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  We will have the website updated soon, but you can order now and avoid the rush.  Just go to our products page, scroll to the bottom and place your order.  We will confirm by email as soon as we can.

We plan the same pickups as last year:  the farm, Orono, Portland, Topsham and Bath for Thanksgiving; the farm, Orono, Portland and Topsham for Christmas.  We will set the price in the next few weeks when we see what the cost of feed looks like for the rest of the season.  Expect the price to be between $3.79 (last year’ price) and $3.99 a pound.

If you have questions about our Turkeys or about ordering, just call 778-2889 or send us an email at or send a question at the bottom of the order form.  We’ll reply as soon as we can.