Thanksgiving ordering

Finally, we can set the price for farm-fresh Turkeys for Thanksgiving.  Sorry to say, feed prices started back up this month, and we have to take that into account in setting our price.  So, the price per pound is $3.95.  If you see another price on the website, it is wrong and will be corrected soon.

Sorry for the delay in getting to this.  We had hoped to set the price by Oct. 1, but billing for the feed deliveries was late, and we had to run the numbers to project our costs for the holiday Turkeys.

By the way, we have stopped taking reservations for Turkeys smaller than 12 pounds.  The beautiful autumn has the Turkeys eating more — Turkeys on pasture eat more in the good weather, less in the rain — and they are not likely to dress off smaller than 12 pounds.