Thanksgiving looms, Turkey supply shrinks

You may have read that there is a serious shortage of native Turkeys this year. And you may know that we are retiring next month and that our flock is barely half the size it was last Thanksgiving.  For both of those reasons, we are selling out rapidly.

As of Oct. 28, we have sold 56 percent of our birds and we are yet to get final orders from three large customers who give more than 100 Turkeys to their employees.

We are sold out in the range 10-12 pounds, and Turkeys between 18 and 20 pounds will be gone before long.  The supply of humongous Turkeys (30-plus) is dwindling.

To order, go to the Our Products page and scroll to the bottom.  Send in the completed form, and we will confirm your order by email. The price is $3.95 a pound, whether you pick up here at the farm or at one of our remote sites (Orono, Portland, Topsham, Bath).

The new owners of our farm expect to have plenty of Christmas Turkeys, and you can order from them after Nov. 26.