That’s it

We have taken reservations for all the Turkeys available for Thanksgiving.  Thank you.

In this final season, that is the earliest we have ever sold out.

There is some hope, though.  We will keep a waiting list of the next 20 people who order (starting at 1 a.m., Nov. 4) and will contact them by email if cancellations occur.  We always have cancellations, but, frankly, seldom as many as 20.  To get onto the waiting list, go to the Our Products page and submit an order.  We will email you if a Turkey becomes available during the next 14 days.  If you don’t hear from us, it means no cancellation made a Turkey available for you.

Now, as to Christmas.  The new owners, Pauline and Tim Henderson, who also have another farm in New Sharon and are managing a large farm in Massachusetts, have Turkeys on their farm in Wayland, Mass., that they will bring to New Sharon when they take ownership of our farm, which will be on Nov. 27.  Contact them right after Thanksgiving to put in a Christmas order.  You can use this website to place an order with them.  Be sure to specify that it is for Christmas.

Thank you for supporting us during our 30 years of Turkey farming.  It has been a most productive pursuit for us and, we hope, rewarding for you.